The 2011 Wildcard Run (aka, The Really, Really, Really Long Shirt Run) was a big success.  All 11 who
signed           up for the 50 miles completed the distance.  This was just a fun run and no times were kept.  Joining
the group           for part of the run were Tony Rouse and Donald Dees.  Running roving aid for the runners were
Amy Schimmel,
Frank Sherrill, Tom Herbst, Eric Bell, and Tony Rouse.

At the start left to right:  Stephanie Carter, Andrea Stewart, Bill Keane, Jim Plant, Tyler Peek,
Doug Dawkins, Jimmy Ballard, Eric Fogleman, John Robinson, Donald Dees, Sarah Jane Harmon.
Not in picture: Jeff Kimrey.

New Mangum Track Club members left to right:  Andrea Stewart, Bill Keane, Stephanie Carter

Additional pictures at here