Friday Night, December 21, 2012     9:00 p.m.
The Mayans predicted the world ends December 21, 2012.  
Where else would you want to be on the night the world ends?

Registration Closed December 17
No race day registration
Last Update...December 20   7:00p.m.

--When you pick up your number look at the back and make sure your name is on it.
--Prepare for  cold and windy.  
--Forget everything I said about tabs on your numbers.  The numbers do not have tabs.  
Instead, we'll be really old style and hand out sticks with your place of finish that you must
hand back to a volunteer to make sure we record correct order of finish and to get your shirt.  
It's your job to return the stick that will make your finish official.
--I don't have a tow truck.  Don't park or drive in deep sand.
--The volunteers I have recruited will be with us all night.  They will be receiving a shirt too.
--Don't litter.  Carry any empty gel packets and trash to the next trash can.
--Leftover shirts from no-shows will be distributed to runners who registered late in the order
they registered.  Some or all of you who registered late will get shirts but you may have to
ask.  There will be no additional fee for these shirts
--Don't forget to print out my written directions.  There's a good chance you will need them.

Updates/changes/etc. will appear here along with date posted.  General event information will continue to be
posted but will be below updates.

Dec. 14 update-
-If you do not print out and bring my written directions with you, you will be taking a chance on not finding the
-You'll be finishing when there is no place open to buy food.  The closest food will be an hour away.  Bring
something to eat after you are done.  We'll have a fire if it's not raining, so bring a chair and plan to hang out
with your food and favorite beverage and brag about surviving the last race on earth.
-I know iniatially I encouraged you to park along the course, but this will not be possible for everybody.  I
encourage you to park in the parking area and leave your drop bag near the aid table.
-I will have no cups.  Bring a bottle.  I will have plenty of Gatorade.
-We have five volunteers for the aid, timing and pulling tabs.  That's not many.  Be prepared to help yourself at
the aid station and fill your own bottle.
-The five volunteers will be at this event all night.  They will be earning a Doomsday shirt too.

Dec. 2 update-
Timing will be like the Boogie 50.  Two or three volunteers will be counting your laps and will record your finish
time at the end of  lap 11.  Timing is done with a hand stopwatch and will not have parts of a second.  We will do
our best to record hours, minutes, and seconds.  Each time you pass through the chute we will place a check by
your name so that we know when you have done 11 laps.  Please call out your number each time you go
through the chute.  The course is not certified and the timing will be the best we can do.  I have no provisions for
ties.  Make sure you stay in the finish chute until your time and number is recorded so that you will have the
proper place.  If you arrive late you will be allowed to get your number and start but we will record your time
based on the 9:00 p.m. start and make no finish time allowances for your late arrival.  Do not start without a
number and do not allow any pacers or friends to go through the chute.  Pacers and friends should walk around
the chute if they wish to continue.                                                                 

The Doomsday Marathon +
If you are afraid of the dark, running alone, or the sky falling in, read no more.  Go somewhere else and spend
what could be your last night on earth inside where you cannot see it coming.  If you're up for a night of running
under an open sky, then this is your place.

This event is located within 10 miles of Hoffman, N.C.  That's all you need to know right now.  The specific
location and directions will be announced later.  For those of you who have run my races near Hoffman before,
this is not the usual location.  This location has no facilities.  No man-made lights unless they are from aircraft,
no water, no outhouses, no buildings.  It's  just us and your flashlights.  I hope.

                                            to race headquarters ( the start/finish).  

The course is a wheel-measured loop of 2 miles 2440 feet that we will repeat 11 times. That makes the total
distance 27.083 miles a marathon +.  The start/finish will be the same point and lap counters will check of each
of your laps as you pass and take your finish time at the end of the 11th lap.  Glow sticks will be used to mark
the route.  This course is not certified and is not a Boston qualifier.  There is no pavement and no traffic. The
loop is a combination of dirt/sand road and I consider it fairly flat.  Some of the sandy areas are soft sand. There
are no cars, bikes, or crewing allowed on the course other than at your parked car along the dirt road just
before the end of each lap.  You may use your car as a personal aid station and that's probably a good idea.  
Approved parking will be clearly designated and no parking in other than the designated area.  The dirt road we
will use for parking must remain open to traffic, although there should be almost none.

My aid station will have ample water and Gatorade.
 Bring a bottle.  I will have no cups.  Be prepared to fill
your own bottle if volunteers are busy.  Also at the aid station will be pretzels, saltines, cookies, and bananas.  If
you need lots of stuff bring it yourself and place a dropbag along the course near the start/finish.  Your dropbag
would be a good place to leave your bottle if you don' want to carry it.  There will be ample trash cans at the aid
station, near parking and out along the course.  I see very little trash at the races I direct and I'm thankful.  Most
runners are responsible and have pride.  They don't litter.   Don't be a trashy.  Put that empty gel packet back in
your pocket and take it to a trash can.  

If you need a motel the closest are Southern Pines and Rockingham.  You will finish in the middle of the night
and a couple hours sleep in your car after you're done is ok.  No tents or camping shelters can be set up here.  
Tarps are allowed in the parking area at the finish but no tarps can be set up along the road if that's where you
choose to park.

This race has a 9 hour cut off.
 All finishers who register by the November 15 postmark will get a "Doomsday
Marathon +" long-sleeved,  wicking shirt at the end of their last lap.  Make sure you get yours immediately after
you finish.  Shirts will not be mailed.  No shirts to non-finishers or no-shows.  Unclaimed shirts may be awarded
to late registrants at the finish or they may be given to volunteers.  No awards other than the shirt.

Packet pick-up will consist of your number and some safety pins.  Pick-up will start at 8:00 p.m. next to the finish

The number of entrants in this event will be limited to 100 participants.

Registration Closed December 17   

The registration fee is $25.  No wait list, no transfers, no refunds, and no shirts for those registering
after November 15.

This event information will be updated as necessary.

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Sponsored by
The Phantom Trotters
The Mangum Track Club
The Runners from Hell
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