My advice on how to finish May Madness

First and foremost, don' be late!  This is not the easiest location to find.  Allow some extra time to arrive and
set up your personal station.  

Heat and humidity will be the issue.  We have had a warm start to this year but I doubt if many of you have
faced the heat and humidity all day like you will at May Madness.  Do what you can to cool off between laps
and take care not to go so fast as to overheat.

This is for you fast people.  I advise you to stay with the group on the first 5K and see the course.  It will be
well marked but a wrong turn is bad.  There are 200 miles of roads and fire trails on the Sandhills Game
Lands.  Get off course and you are in trouble.  It all looks pretty much the same.  Two years ago I had
someone miss a turn on the 7th lap after running correctly the first 6.  Pay attention early and learn the course.

Take care of your feet.  There is some soft sand here.  Bring several pair of socks and some extra shoes.  
Between 5Ks consider rinsing your feet and changing socks when necessary.  Wear gaiters if you have them.

Treat this event as a 50 miler not a 50K.  A normal 50K is usually over in 4 to 6 hours but here you'll be going
10 plus hours.  Eat and drink like you would for a 50 miler.

Rest and stay in the shade between loops.  Bring a cooler of ice for your water bottle and fluids.  Consider
putting some ice in a bandana or a long sock and hanging it behind your neck while resting or even when
running.  Bring a water bottle with a large enough mouth that you can put ice into it.  Keep a towel in your
cooler to drape over your shoulders when you are resting.  The headquarters building will be open and I will
have the air conditioner turned way down.  Cool off inside if you want.  

Bring a chair
and prop your feet up between laps.

Stay with salty food. Avoid that sweet stuff.

It's all about pacing.  Stay well within your limits each lap.

Bring bug repellent, sunscreen, and sunglasses.  A towel or wipes between laps would help.  You will sweat.

Sharing your misery with your friends is a great way to pass the time between laps.  Have fun and enjoy the

                                                        New rule

I would hate to see someone arrive at 7:05 a.m. and be out of the race after a long drive.  Finding this location
is easy to me because I've been there lots of times.  Allow plenty of time to arrive.  And if you are late,
the first lap only can be started any time from 7:00 a.m. or after but must be finished before 8:00 a.m.
The start time for any late starters of the first lap will be the time the group started.  No adjustments.
arriving and missing the first lap and you cannot be a finisher
.  The second lap and all subsequent laps
must be started with the group at the top of each hour.  

The 10th lap must be started on time but since there is no 11th lap I will be generous with finishing time for it.

We start each lap by my watch.  Listen for the warning to line up each lap.  Be on the start line and ready
when I say GO!

If you are coming Friday night to camp email me at

Do not kill snakes or bother any other wildlife.  Biting insects are an exception. Use repellent or
prepare to swat them all day