General Philosophy--This May Madness 50K run is meant for a little twisted fun.  That's not to say it's not
    serious.  Where else do you get to run 10 consecutive 5K's, add your times and possibly come out with your
    fastest 50K ever.  Or your toughest.  It will be an interesting mix of speed, endurance, patience, and smarts.  
    Parts of it will be fun.  Parts of it will be difficult.  All of it will be a little insane.

    Why should you come?  You can camp for free the night before and hang out with your running friends.  The
    next day you run only short 5Ks and take long breaks in between relaxing.  And hanging out with your running
    friends.  Where  else can you run an ultra all day and spend so much time at the aid station?  The breaks do not
    count so you could get a new 50K PR.  Breakfast and lunch are included.  You'll get a nice shirt and all you have
    to do to get it is register and show up.

    The location of May Madness is near Hoffman, N.C.  Latitude/longtitude is 35.064603,-79.631867.  Try pasting
    latitude/longitude into your map page or use the coordinates on your GPS.  I looked at several map sites and
    directions become unclear as you get close to headquarters.  Roads near the headquarters are all dirt. Be careful
    and don't get stuck. The best solution is use your device to get you to either Ellerbe or Hoffman and then follow
    my written directions below.  Even so, when you get onto the sandy roads, stay in the middle and keep moving
    quickly to avoid getting stuck.  

    From Hoffman, N.C. on US Highway 1 turn west at the BP station onto Caddell Road.  Go 1/10 mile and turn right
    onto York Road.  York Road will become Derby Road.  Continue 3.4 miles to a sign on the left that says
    "J. Robert Gordon Field Trial Area."  Turn left at sign onto dirt road.  Go 1 mile to intersection of three dirt roads
    crossing.  Two roads ahead parallel powerlines.  Take the one that parallels the left powerline.  Go 1.2 miles to
    white house on right that is race headquarters.

    From US Highway 220 near Ellerbe, N.C. take the Millstone Road exit.  Follow Millstone Road approximately 5.8
    miles east from the 220 bypass intersection to the intersection of Millstone Road and Ledbetter Road.  Turn left
    onto dirt road and go 3.1 miles to white house on left that is race headquarters.

    Dogs--The land where this event is held is part of the North Carolina Game Lands.  It is illegal to allow your dog
    run loose here. Also there are coyotes and other animals that may choose to attack or defend themselves when
    confronted by a dog.  Please leave your dog at home.

    Camping (no hook-ups)---tents, pop-ups, rv's and vehicles welcome. Camping is available next to the
    headquarters building Friday night.  Campers can set up anytime after 4:00 p.m. Friday.  All camping equipment,
    etc., must be down and off premises Saturday by 9:00 p.m.  Restrooms will be available in the headquarters
    building beginning Friday evening.  Camping is free.  If you plan to camp let me know a week before the race.  If
    you are camping it would be wise to either eat before you arrive or bring your dinner with you.  Water at this site is
    non-potable.  Bring your personal drinking water.  The only place to eat within 15 miles is a convenience store.
    Motels are available in Rockingham, Ellerbe, Aberdeen, and Southern Pines.

    The course will be an accurately wheel-measured 5K and will be all natural.  Sand, dirt, leaves, pine straw and
    such with no man-made coverings.  Possible occasional horse droppings.  Minimum shade.

    One aid station will be at the start/finish.  It's just a 5K, so I will have no water or anything else on the course.  
    You can take your bottle if necessary.  At the start/finish will be aid station stuff like pretzels, cookies, water, and
    Gatorade.  The aid table will not be a large spread.  I will be bringing water from home in containers for the event.  
    Water on this site is non-potable, so do not drink water from any spigots including those inside the building. You
    are encouraged to bring bottled water with you. This is an all day event so you should bring food yourself.  If you
    depend only on what I provide, you probably will not finish.  Your vehicle will be nearby.  There will be plenty of
    room at this location.  You know the food you like at a run better than I do.  Bring it.  I suggest a cooler and
    your personal aid station in whatever shade you can find.  You may want to set up a tarp for shade.  Two
    bathrooms are available.

    More about food.  
    Breakfast.  I will have breakfast consisting of grits, boiled eggs, toast, and coffee beginning at 5:30 a.m. for
    runners and volunteers.  It will probably be self-serve.  That means the grits are cooked and on the stove, the
    eggs are on the table, and the bread is by the toaster.  Coffee is ready.  Help yourself until it's gone.  

    Lunch. Starting about 11:30 we will have something (probably pizza) for lunch.  I don't do meat so you can expect
    something like cheese, cheese, tomato, and mushrooms, cheese, tomato and onion, etc.

    No medical personnel at this event.  Please know your limits.  I cannot stress enough how much heat will be an
    issue.  There is no place to adequately cool yourself between 5K repeats and little shade on the course.  Bring
    ice and use it to cool yourself between 5K's.  Drink something with electrolytes or do tablets.   

    This event consists of 10 consecutive 5K's.  The first 5K will begin at 7:00 a.m.  Subsequent 5K's
    will begin at the top of each hour with the final tenth 5K starting at 4:00 p.m.  There will be no early starts or late
    starts at any time.  You must be ready to start with the group each hour or be out of the race.  All ten 5K's must
    be finished to be considered a May Madness 50K finisher.

    Shirts.  I am planning to order a wicking sleeveless athletic shirt that will be nice during the hot summer months.  
          Shirts are green this year.  You must register May 17 or before if you want a shirt. Shirts will be in your packet   
   with your race number.  I will not mail  shirts.  I like to give unclaimed shirts to volunteers.  They have been there
   all day too
    Awards.  First place overall male and first place overall female will receive pottery awards created by Irene
    Russell.  Irene is a May Madness finisher and will be running again this year.  No other finisher awards.

    Additional things to know
    --Information about this event can and may be changed.  Re-read occasionally to stay abreast.
    --Water available at this site is non-potable.  I will be bringing sufficient.drinking water from home in containers for
    this event.  You are encouraged to bring your own bottled water if you have concerns.
    --Trash containers will be in the start/finish area. No littering anywhere.  Gel packets and cigarette butts are litter.  
    Littering can get you DQ'ed. And DQ does not mean Dairy Queen here.  If you use the bathroom in the woods or
    anywhere on the course use Leave No Trace guidelines.   Make sure your crew/friends knows the no litter rule.
    --Wilson Timing will be timing.  You will be running through a finish chute at the end of each 5K.  
    --Even a cool day will be hot here.  To finish this event you will have to be smart and manage heat well.   
    --Bring insect repellent, sunscreen, a chair, and several towels.  I will have a couple of hoses you can rinse off
    with as needed.
    --Crewing allowed only at the start/finish.  Friends are welcome to run with you at any time.
    --I reserve the right to either delay or cancel a lap if necessary to avoid dangerous lightning or other conditions.
    --Again.  There will be no medical personnel on site.  One of the first signs of heat problems is not thinking
    clearly. Make sure to talk with any handler(s)  you bring about heat and how it affects you ahead of time.  
    --The event director (me or my designate) can stop, pause, or disqualify anyone at any time for any reason we
    feel called to do so.

    --Don't expect a lot from me.  I may be running.

          Need additional information?
          Doug Dawkins, Race Director
          910-206-2095 or

Registration will be online only for this event

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          Registration may close suddenly and unexpectedly.  Don't wait.

    Sponsored by
    The Phantom Trotters
    The Mangum Track Club

This event has not been updated for 2018.
Update coming in January 2018.

The May Madness 50k

Ten separate 5K runs
May 27, 2017

This is a Boogie event.
"Come with no expectations and you will not be disappointed."

My advice on how to finish May Madness