Left to right:
--The wine cup, new in 2018, created by McNeill's Pottery of Seagrove, N.C.  The wine cup will be awarded
to all finishers in both events.  There will be a variety of colors.
--The first place overall award.  Second and third place overall awards will be the same design but smaller.  
The first place Richmond County finishers will also receive this award.  Colors of these awards will vary.  
These awards are also created by McNeill's Pottery.
--The 2017 medals.  The 2019 medals will be the same design with 2019 text updates.  The marathon medal
is 3" in diameter and the half marathon is 2 1/2".  Both medals have "Finisher" on the back side.  Medals will
be awarded to all finishers.