The Course
The Ellerbe Marathon course will begin on Page St. in Ellerbe near the BB&T and head west on
Page St. about 2 miles and take a right turn onto Grassy Island Road.  After about 3/10 mile on
Grassy Island Road runners will turn right onto Bruton Road and begin a long downhill.  Just before
5 miles Cartledge Creek Road will intersect with Bruton Road and runners will take a left turn onto
Cartledge Creek Road.  Very shortly afterwards Holly Grove Church Road will intersect on the right
and runners will turn right onto Holly Grove Church Road.  There is soon a short downhill to Rocky
Branch and then the long climb of Darkside Mountain begins.  The climb continues to a stop sign at
Grassy Island Road and runners turn right and uphill for a short out and back.   After the
turn-a-round, runners follow Grassy Island Road toward Ellerbe and cross two of the lesser
summits of Darkside Mountain before beginning a long downhill to a stop sign.  Runners continue
straight across this intersection continuing on Grassy Island Road for about 2 more miles before
taking a left turn onto Page Street and returning to Ellerbe.  Entering Ellerbe on Page Street,
runners will turn right onto 3rd Street and then very shortly left onto Sunset Avenue.  Half
Marathoners continue to the finish line on Sunset Avenue.  Marathoners proceed on Sunset
avenue to 2nd Street and turn left.  The next intersection will be Page Street where the race
started and marathoners will turn left and do the loop again.

Course marking and directions will be in yellow paint and painted on the left side of the road.  This
is the side facing traffic and is where all participants should run unless directed to do otherwise.  At
some turns runners will have to cross the road to make turns.  The course is open to traffic, so be
aware at all times.