The 2017
Drop Zone Marathon
(aka "The Big Dipper")
and the
Drop Zone Half Marathon
(aka "The Little Dipper")

December 30, 2017                                                4:00 P.M. Start

Hoffman, N.C.

Doug Dawkins, Race Director      
This is a Boogie Race.
"Come with no expectations and you will not be disappointed."
REALLY!  The 2017 is a fat ass event.  If you have expectations, stay home
If you are afraid of the dark, running alone, need lots of spectators, and just generally not
self-sufficient, read no more.  Go somewhere else.  Or run the half marathon and finish before
dark.  But, if you're up for a night of running under an open sky, then this is your place.  On a
cloudy night, it will be the blackest place above ground within 100 miles.  On a clear night, you
will be astounded at the stars.  Both in number and brightness there is no better place in central
North Carolina to see them.  New Moon will be December 29 this year, so the sky will be
especially dark.  Civil twilight will be 5:42 p.m. allowing everyone to do a lap or two in the
daylight.  Astronomical twilight is 6:45 p.m.  That's when the star show will begin its best!

Course-A wheel measured loop that is not certified and not a Boston qualifier. It's all dirt,
sand, and pine straw and has no lights, houses, buildings or traffic. Just runners. About half of it
is in the middle of the Oran Drop Zone near Hoffman. It's not hilly but does have some moderate
inclines and some areas of soft sand.  Marathoners will do 10 loops for a distance just shy of 27
miles and half marathoners will do 5 loops to finish.  Everyone's first loop or two should be in the
daylight so you can familiarize yourself with the course.  The course will be marked with bright
flagging and something reflective for the dark time.

Timing and Results-Undetermined-Timing could be elaborate or it could be very simple.  
Participants may be asked to record their on laps and submit their finish time from their own
watch or device. The timing station could be unmanned. Results will be posted to and submitted to Ultrasignup.

Aid-There will be one aid station near the timing area that will have ample water and fluids for a
marathon. No other aid will be provided by the director and there will be no volunteers at the aid
station. A food table will be near the fluids and participants are asked to bring snacks/food to
share with everyone.  If you would like to have a drop bag, there will be plenty of room nearby.  
You take responsibility for your bag.  We will not have a drop bag volunteer or monitor the drop
bag area.  It will not be sheltered, so protect your stuff if it rains or snows. Many runners will
be able to park along a segment of the course, so leaving your drop bag in your car is a good

Cut-off-You should plan to finish this marathon by mid-night.  That's 8 hours.  Half
marathoners can take their time.  They have 8 hours too.

Pacers-None.  It's a free race.  Everyone must be registered and wear a number.  



Location-The coordinates of this event are 34.990875,-79.534321.  Put these numbers into
your map site and you will see the location.  I would not use these coordinates to get me to the
event though.  I have seen some really bad directions and bad roads given for these numbers.  
Instead, put Hoffman, N.C. into your map site and follow my written directions below.

Come to the Hoffman BP Station and head north on US Route 1.  Turn right very soon onto School
Road and after crossing the railroad tracks, immediately take a right turn. Very quickly after
the right turn, bear left onto Butler Road. If you are on Butler Road you will quickly pass a
church on your left. Follow Butler Road which becomes Hoffman Road 3 miles to race
headquarters. The road will become a state maintained dirt road as it enters Scotland County.
The middle is usually well graded but the edges can be soft sand.  Drive in the middle of the road
and stay away from the soft edge and ditches
.  I do not have a vehicle to pull you out.

Parking-Parking will be alongside a dirt/sand road and in a non-marked parking area.   If you
wish to park in the parking area, at the intersection drive directly ahead and to your left by the
sign and find a place under the pines that does not block anyone. If you wish to park along the
road, turn left at the intersection and park only on the right-hand side. Pull well to your right.
This road must stay open for large military vehicles. If you park along this road in the first 400
yards, you will be running by your car each lap. There should be no problem here but pay attention
where and how you park. Do not park along the main road you came in on. It's graded regularly
and the ditches are soft. You will get stuck!

Facilities-None. There is no electricity or source of water. The aid station will be lit by solar
lanterns. Bring your flashlights and headlamps. There will be no porta-jons.  Plan to "do your
business" in the woods and please practice "Leave No Trace" ethics.  Bury it or pack it out.  Your
cell phone may or may not work here. There is no really good place for spectators to hang out.  
If you are bringing somebody make sure they are informed what to expect. They should bring
adequate light, food and water for themselves, and probably a chair. The race director may have
a fire if the weather is cold. Absolutely no other fires permitted.

Dogs-No dogs here. This is a hunting area and loose hunting dogs are possible. You don't want
your city-pup to encounter somebodies loose hunting dog. Or a coyote.

More information-The race director reserves the right to change or update details of this
event at any time.  Numbers can be picked up beginning at 3:00 p.m. near the start.  The race
will start at 4 pm.  Your first loop and maybe more will be in the daylight. I suggest you run with
a light but turn it off occasionally in the mile long field and take a look at the sky. Littering
upsets the race director.  Leave all trash within 300 feet of the aid station.  This includes
empty gel packets.

Post race-You are welcome to set up a tent/rv/sleep in car in the large parking area. Camping
overnight is fine but no individual fires at campsites. There will be no restaurants or stores closer
than 20 miles open when you finish.  There is no post race meal.  It would be a good idea to bring
something to eat after the race.

Race contact-
Doug Dawkins, race director  910-206-2095 call or text

                        Limited to 100 participants.
                          Online registration only

Click Here to register


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