"Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop." Said the King to the White
   - Lewis Carroll, from Alice in Wonderland

                                               Latest update June 1

The pre-race update page will add information as necessary right up to race day.  Please visit this page again
right before you travel to the race.

Remember no alcohol on church property!  If you want to have a beer after the race, park on the
side of the road and not in the church parking lot.  

The best weather site is

Race starts at 6:00 p.m.

We will allow race day registration for $65 but no shirt included unless there are leftovers. Bring
exact amount.

The best directions I can give are "here" .  Print the local map page and bring it with you.  Your GPS may
get you here.  Or it may not.

The typical Boogie is very hot at the start. Take the first loop easy and it will cool off as the Sun
goes down.  Starting too fast in the heat is the number one reason for so many DNF's h.  Quite
often during the night we will have a cold thunderstorm. Runners have quit because they brought
no jacket or dry gear and were too cold to continue.  Come prepared for anything.

Lap counting--We are using the RFID system.  All runners will have chips on the back of their number.  Do
not remove or alter your number and wear it on the front either on your shorts or shirt.  Everyone in both races
will go through the finish chute every time they pass the church from whichever direction they are running. The
finish chute will be near the main aid station.  The system will record your passing each time.  Each runner is
responsible for making sure he passes through the chute.  Miss passing through the chute...you've missed
being counted.  I will not argue with the RFID results.

Live results will be found at    http://my.raceresult.com/75507/results

Porta-potties--We will have 2 porta-pottties near the start/finish.  They will be in a different location that we've
been placing them in past years and closer to the course.   I am sure they will get lots of use.  Feel free to go in
the woods if the lines are long.  There are no other porta-potties on the course.  

This is a Green Race.  Cups will be limited.  Bring a bottle and carry it with you.  It is your job to fill your
own bottle or cup from the coolers.
 Volunteers may occasionally assist but do not expect their help. Use
the spigots on the coolers to fill your bottle.  Iced coffee will be served in a cup.

Aid stations--The main aid station will be at the start/finish.  You will pass it twice each 10 mile loop.   Aid
station 2 will be located in the usual spot about 3.5 miles into the 6 mile loop.  You will pass it once each 10
miles.  Aid station 2 will have water only and some food items but not nearly as much as the main station.  The
volunteers there will keep the water cool and food on the table.  Again, please take the responsibility to fill your
own bottle.  

Litter--I have never known a runner who did not have some pride in their sport.  Yet every year I find empty gel
packets along the course.  I have trash cans in the aid station and some distance out from the station.  Use the
trash cans and do not litter on the course.  If you can carry a full gel packet in your pocket, you can surely
carry the empty until you get to a trash can.

Parking in the church lot will be very tight. The spaces directly in front of the church need to be left for
volunteers who will be coming and going.  Feel free to park along the road.  I suggest you pull or back in
perpendicular to the road where you have room.  Parking perpendicular takes up much less road space and
everyone will be closer to the church.  Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the road.  Local traffic
sometimes does not slow down for us. You will be running through here and may need to get on the road
shoulder if a car comes speeding through.   You will pass your car twice each 10 mile lap.  Many runners set
up chairs and coolers at their cars for their personal aid.  

Please limit crewing to the area where your car is parked along the road near the start/finish or along Holly
Grove Church Road near the 2nd aid station.  
No roving aid allowed.  There are too many runners and too
much local traffic for roving aid to be safe.  

Absolutely no cars following along behind a runner at any time.  Bicycles are discouraged.    

Always run on the left facing traffic and never in the lane with traffic behind you.  Don't expect cars
to move over as they pass.  Step off the road if necessary.

Finisher mugs
--Mugs will be presented to finishers at the finish line immediately upon finish.  If it's not offered
ASK FOR IT.  Don't walk off and forget yours.

Other important details

Come back and read this page again just before you leave home.  Something may have been added.

I will be on site by 4 pm.  Packet pick up will begin at 5 pm

Bring insect repellent.  The flies are hungry.  

Remember to take the initiative at the aid tables.  Browse the food and select what you want.  
Plan to fill your own bottle or cup.

The course is marked with white arrows with a circle around them.  If it's not white with a circle around it, it's not

NO DOGS.  Leave your dog at home.  You don't want your dog to get hit by a car or get in a fight with a local
country dog.  I try to get the locals to restrain the dogs for the race but cannot guarantee they will comply.

There are poisonous snakes here.  Really.  Some are seen each year.  Run around them.
 Use a light at
night so you can see them.  
Do not kill or harm snakes or any other wildlife.  Mosquitoes, biting flies,
ticks are exceptions.  Battle them any way you can.