2019 Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie 50 Miler
March 30, 2019          5:00 p.m.
event director
Doug Dawkins  doug@theboogieraces.com  910-206-2095

    I realize March 30 in North Carolina could be hot and humid or cold and humid .  I know that 26.2 miles is a long, long ways and 50
    miles can be a ridiculously long ways.  Many people get tired just driving that far.  Also, running at night presents special problems
    such as seeing where you are stepping and watching out for cars and not going to sleep while you're running.  I understand that this
    area has specific hazards such as rattlesnakes, copperheads, polecats, wildcats, wild pigs, and rednecks who like to drink and
    drive and throw things.  Nevertheless, I want, no, I insist I be allowed to do this event regardless of the risk.  Therefore, I want
    everyone to know that  I am not being forced to do this event and that I understand and agree in consideration of being permitted to
    participate that me (the participant), my heirs, personal representatives or assigns of me do hereby release, waive, discharge and
    covenant not to sue the Race Director, Wilson Timing, any of its owners, officers, representatives, any and all event directors or
    coordinators, Bethel Baptist Church or any of its members, any and all event volunteers or USA Track and Field from any and all
    liability from any and all claims arising from my participation in the Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie or the Boogie Marathon.  I assume
    all responsibilities for my participation in this event and certify that I am properly trained, mentally fit, and medically able to
    participate.  I agree to use a light after dark.  I certify that I am 18 yrs old or older.  I will not litter.  I will not kill snakes or harm any
    wildlife other than mosquitoes or biting flies.  I am aware that the number of entrants in this event is limited and that registration may
    close abruptly at the race director's discretion.  I realize that the race director's {or his delegate's} authority is all encompassing and
    will abide by any rules or changes he makes either before or  during my presence at this event.  Knowing everything in this waiver
    has not deterred me from entering this event and my signature below indicates that I have read this waiver and agree to comply with
    all of the conditions herein.   I also promise to have fun.

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             2019 event registration fee

January 1 through February 15                   $60          
Paper registration closed after February 15

Make check to " Bethel Hill Moonlight Boogie"   and mail to Doug Dawkins   P.O. Box 96   Ellerbe, N.C.  28338
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                  This is a green race.  Bring a water bottle.